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Maintaining Your Tesla Model S: A Brief Guide

August 12, 2022

Maintaining Your Tesla Model S: A Brief Guide

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly available, and thus, increasingly in demand as concerns about the environment continue to become more prominent. The most prominent brand to produce electronic vehicles is, of course, Tesla, and you may have found yourself the proud owner of a luxurious Model S. To ensure you get the most of it, however, you should better understand the needs of your new electric car. Here is a brief guide about maintaining your Tesla Model S.

Where To Go for Maintenance

The first question on your mind is where you should go if you need expert assistance. While some regular auto shops independent of Tesla’s service providers have technicians certified to work on electric vehicles, it’s never a guarantee. Instead, Tesla has a fleet of mobile service providers that allows them to come to you. These mobile service providers can provide basic maintenance tasks like tire rotations or air filter replacements.

For larger, more extensive work, Tesla does have a network of maintenance centers, though only in 35 states currently. So support is available, but may not be the most accessible depending on your location.

Unique Maintenance Needs

Naturally, electric vehicles have different needs from regular cars. For instance, when maintaining your Tesla Model S, you may notice you don’t have to replace your brake pads nearly as much because EV cars use regenerative braking—resistance from the electric motor to help slow your Tesla. In turn, however, you’ll need to lubricate your Tesla’s brake calipers annually, especially in states that regularly get snow and ice, requiring the streets to be salted.

Furthermore, electric vehicles are heavier than other cars, so your tires may not last quite as long as advertised, thanks to the increased stress and wear. To compensate, keep an eye on your tires as you begin to approach their projected mileage. If you can have them replaced early, you’ll prevent a lot of potential damage.

Replacing Individual Parts

Because electric vehicles are still fairly niche and Tesla has a strong grasp on the market, getting replacement parts for your Model S can be incredibly expensive. If you need to replace a component on your Tesla, consider looking toward third-party sources. For instance, at WheelerShip, we provide Tesla Model S rims at a much more affordable price while maintaining the same quality and standards as the original manufacturer. Enjoy your electric car without feeling like maintaining it is too much of a burden to justify.

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