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How Hard Driving Negatively Affects Your Wheels

March 28, 2024

How Hard Driving Negatively Affects Your Wheels

Even though driving is something that virtually everyone does at some point in their lives, almost everyone has a different style for how they do it. Some people prefer the fast lane, passing any cars that get in their way, while others prefer to be slow and steady. While most driving styles will land somewhere between these two extremes, ones that are on the faster side might fall victim to the negative effects of hard driving.

While there are many ways this can hurt your vehicle, we’re specifically going to look at how hard driving can negatively impact your wheels. That way, you can better understand why this form of driving may not be great for your car in the long run.

What Classifies as Hard Driving

Before we can understand the effects of hard driving, we first need to know what this form of driving is. In general, the term “hard diving” refers to abrupt changes in vehicle handling. This refers to sudden braking, sharp cornering, or rapid acceleration. While moving fast in your vehicle is perfectly OK, as long as you’re following the rules of the road, sudden fluctuations can lead to problems for your vehicle, which is why it’s an important habit to break.

What Hard Driving Does to Your Wheels

Now that we know what hard driving is, let’s look at how it can negatively affect your wheels. First and foremost, the extreme changes in speed will wear out your tires more quickly. Fast braking, cornering, and accelerating rub down the treads and heat up your tires, making them more susceptible to other forms of damage.

On top of that, quickly shifting the weight of your vehicle can put excess pressure on your rims and axles. In extreme cases, these components can crack or even fully snap. While this might be more likely to happen due to sharp cornering, which shifts the weight of the vehicle dramatically, it can also happen if you brake or accelerate too quickly.

How to Fix This Issue

Without a doubt, the best way to fix this issue is to slow down! While driving faster can be fun, it isn’t always necessary. Even slowing down a few miles per hour on average can make a huge difference for your tires and wheels. If you still want to drive faster than the average car, just make sure you’re braking, cornering, and accelerating more slowly.

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