We are proud to sell only top-quality replacement parts and most of our product lines are backed by warranty. Product protection plans are available for any product lines for which warranties are not available. 

Covered products are warrantied to the purchaser to be free of manufacturers’ defects related to workmanship and finish.

Category Warranty Duration Coverage
Reproduction/Replica Wheels Yes 1 Year Full
Reconditioned/Remanufactured Wheels Yes 1 Year Limited
OEM Wheels  No N/A N/A
Lighting  Yes 90 Days Full
Aftermarket Wheel Accessories Yes 90 Days Full
OEM Wheel Accessories  No N/A N/A
EV Charging  Yes 1 Year Full
Brakes Yes 1 Year Limited
Windshield Wipers  Yes 90 Days Limited

WheelerShip’s liability is limited to replacement of or full refund for the defective item. We are not responsible for damage caused by incorrect handling, installation, or modifications of any kind. We are also not responsible for any labor charges or any other miscellaneous expense related to the installation or use of our products. 

Warranty is void on products that are damaged related to use (normal wear and tear) or misuse, including but not limited to:

  • Surface damage due to neglect, road salt, harsh conditions, or improper wheel cleaning (including the use of abrasive brushes or damaging chemicals)

  • Surface damage that occurred during improper tire mounting and installation (including improper tool usage and damage caused by wheel weights) or improper center cap installation or removal

  • Impact damage such as bends, cracks, etc.

  • Exceeding the maximum wheel load weight, or using an oversized tire

  • Vehicular accidents that result in nicks, scratches or other surface blemishes

  • The use of spacers or adapters of any kind

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at[email protected]. You will be required to provide photographs/video of the items and packaging so that we can investigate the warranty claim. You will also be required to return the defective merchandise to WheelerShip, at no cost to you

WheelerShip does not acknowledge any other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

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WheelerShip has partnered with Extend to provide simple, peace-of-mind protection for the products you love.

Extend bundles your product with an affordable, modern, easy-to-understand protection plan—so your stuff is covered, even after manufacturer warranties expire.

Add an Extend protection plan to your purchase during checkout to protect your goods from mechanical and electrical failure, power surges, accidental damage, and more.


Why should I add Extend protection?

Forget the frustrating logistics of outdated extended warranty providers. Extend has your back. Pay one flat rate at checkout and Extend will work directly with us to get your product replaced quickly should something bad happen to it. No strings, no catches—everyone wins. We believe that when things stop working, getting a replacement should be seamless and simple.

So what happens when things go wrong?

Contact Extend at customers.extend.com/claims customers.extend.com/claims or by phone at (877) 248-7707. They’ll process your claim in minutes and send you back to us with a promo code for a replacement product. Easy as pie.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Extend Protection Plan?

    The Extend Protection Plan begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and protects against mechanical or electrical breakdown, including those experienced during normal wear and tear as well as those caused by a direct result of a power surge. This plan does not cover accidental damage.
  • What is an Extend Road Hazard Protection Plan?

    This plan provides coverage for eligible road hazards that cause your tire or wheel to be unserviceable. Road hazard incidents include irreparable damage from objects and road conditions not normally found in the roadway, such as potholes, debris, nails, glass, and more. Our road hazard protection plans are in effect from day one alongside the manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • I bought a Road Hazard protection plan, but my wheel/tire is a manufacturer’s defect. Who do I contact for a claim?

    If the failure did not occur as a results of a road hazard, it will not be a covered failure. If your wheel or tire fails for any other reason, please reach out directly to WheelerShip to determine if your failure is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • How many times can I use the Extend Protection Plan?

    The Extend Road Hazard Protection Plan is a single replacement program that allows for a 1-time
    replacement of a like or comparable product should it become defective.
  • How can I purchase an Extend Protection Plan?

    A protection plan can be purchased through the participating merchant online or through their customer care team over the phone.
  • What products are covered?

    The Extend team works with our partner merchants to identify all eligible products and match them to a warranty plan.

  • What do I need when I need to utilize my Extend Protection Plan?

    Please have your contract ID or email address handy in order to file a claim through the Extend Customer Claims Portal or by contacting Extend’s Customer Care Team at 877-248-7707.
    If you contact the merchant directly to file the claim, you may be warmly transferred to Extend via phone at 877-248-7707 or may receive assistance to file the claim on your behalf through the Extend Customer Claims Portal.
  • If a product covered by Extend is replaced under the MFR warranty, does the Extend plan cover the new product?

    Yes, the replacement product will continue to be covered under Extend’s protection plan.
  • Where is my contract ID?

    Customers will receive an email after purchasing a protection plan that details:

    • Contract ID
    • Warranty Term Length
    • Coverage Dates
    • Product Name

    Please contact the Extend Customer Care Team if the Customer does not receive this email at

  • What is the process to file a claim under an Extend Protection Plan?

    Extend makes it easy to file a claim either through the call center or the online portal. Below are the steps the customer will go through to have their item replaced:

    • The customer provides a contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information to Extend
    • Extend entitles (validates) contract coverage by ensuring:
      • The plan is active
      • The date is between the Effective & Expiration Dates
    • The customer will then answer a few Adjudication questions
    • High-level troubleshooting steps are offered
    • Once the claim is approved, a shipping label is generated to ship back the broken product
    • Once the shipping label is scanned, we will work with the customer to replace the broken item
    • Extend will be in constant communication with the customer to ensure satisfactory service have been given
  • If the Customer experiences any complications during the Claims process, what can they do?

    The Customer can contact the Extend Customer Care Team in the Extend Claims Portal or via phone at 877-248-7707.
  • Can I cancel my Extend Protection Plan?

    Yes, customers can cancel their coverage at any time.
  • When the customer cancels their Extend plan, what is the refund policy?

    For an extended warranty plan, the customer is entitled to a full refund throughout the life of their limited warranty coverage. After expiration of the limited warranty, the customer is entitled to a pro-rata refund on the unused