Core Exchange Program

WheelerShip Core Exchange Program

Wondering what to do with the used wheel from your car? Well, if you’re buying an eligible SKU from our catalog to replace the damaged wheel on your car, you may be able to send your old wheel back to us through our OEM wheel exchange program and receive money back on your purchase!
WheelerShip’s OEM wheel exchange is happy to accept painted, polished, or machined cores with minor to moderate damage—just follow the easy steps below!

How do I know if my wheel is acceptable for return?

First, you have to make sure that the wheel that you’re sending us is the exact same wheel (size, design, etc.) as the wheel you are purchasing. Next, you’ll provide us with a few photos to confirm that the core doesn’t have major damage or any other disqualifying issues. (Check out the handy chart below for more information about what’s ok for us to take back!)
Important: don’t forget to check both sides of your wheel! Sometimes the face of the wheel can look just fine, but the rear of the wheel may have a bend, warp, or crack.
Minor Damage Acceptable Minor curb rash or scrapes, paint scratches, paint bubbling
Moderate Damage Acceptable Substantial curb rash, curb hit, paint scratched down to metal, minor corrosion, one minor bend, one back crack
Major Damage Unacceptable Major crack or multiple cracks, cracks larger than ½”, split wheel, missing pieces larger than 2”, significant impact damage (e.g., major or multiple backside bends), major corrosion
Other Unacceptable Wheels Unacceptable Chrome finish, replica wheels, previously repaired, welded, or remanufactured wheels
If your used wheel is eligible for a trade in, follow these easy steps to get money back for your core!
  1. Get excited about your new wheel – it’s on its way!
  2. Visit your preferred local mechanic or shop to have your new wheel installed. Don’t forget to save all the original packaging material and shipping boxes!
  3. Pack up your used wheel in the shipping boxes from your new wheel – make sure you use the packing material (e.g., cardboard spacers, plastic or cloth cover or wrap, plastic ring, etc.) to protect and secure the item. Be sure to secure the boxes with the appropriate shipping tape!
  4. We will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label – simply put the new label right over the old label.
  5. For your convenience, just bring the item to you nearest FedEx or UPS drop off location.
  6. Once your item arrives at our wheel exchange distribution center, it will be received, checked in, and inspected to confirm there are none of the disqualifying conditions mentioned above. (This can take 1 to 2 business days.)
  7. Upon confirmation, your rebate will be processed and should be reflected on your original form of payment within 3 – 5 business days depending on the credit card or banking institution.

Should you have any questions about our wheel exchange program, call us at (877) 788-8283! We’ll be happy to provide any information you may need.