1. 3 Reasons To Shop Small This Holiday Season

    3 Reasons To Shop Small This Holiday Season

    Shopping with smaller retailers like WheelerShip is always a good idea! That’s why we encourage you to shop small this year. Here’s why shopping with local, family-owned, or small businesses is important.

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  2. Reasons To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

    Avoid the COVID-19 pandemic by ditching large retail stores this holiday season. You can discover all the other reasons to support small businesses here.

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  3. How WheelerShip Continues To Serve Drivers

    Two related hardships have hit the US this year: a recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this,WheelerShip continues to serve drivers. Read how here.

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  4. How Small Businesses Support the Community

    Can you imagine life without your favorite pizza shop or your favorite burger hub? Every community is made up of these beloved local shops and restaurants. These small businesses are loved because they bring the people in the community together. Whether it’s for a shared love of delicious food or a common interest such as rims and tires, local small businesses do a great job of bringing people together. But they do much more than that. Keep reading below to discover how small business support the community.

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