Why Did Nissan Stop Producing the Maxima?

Over the course of automotive industry history, we’ve seen many models of vehicles come and go, with only a few making a comeback. Retiring a model has become a more common occurrence, but it can still be a surprise when a well-selling model hits the chopping block. One such car has been around for decades, but as of last year, Nissan is no longer producing the Maxima. Why? We dive into the reasons for this change in this post, along with what might be in store for the future.

Historical Context

While the Maxima was never on the bleeding edge of car design, it’s been a staple throughout much of recent history. Back in 1981, the Maxima was originally known as the Datsun 810 but Nissan quickly rebranded it as the Maxima the following year. It was one of the first cars to popularize verbal warnings for when your door was ajar or when your lights were still on. Over the years, it evolved rapidly, having eight generations of the vehicle.

Changes in Consumer Preferences

Despite its rich history with the company, the main reason Nissan stopped producing the Maxima came down to customer preference. The humble sedan became much less popular in later years. Consumer purchases trended toward new SUVs and crossovers instead. Since Nissan had four sedan models and not enough demand to sustain them, they decided it was time to cut down on their offerings—leading to the Maxima getting the axe.

Why They Specifically Chose the Maxima

Even though the shift in preferences explains why Nissan decided to cut a sedan, it doesn’t explain why they chose the Maxima specifically. While there’s no official rationale from the company, one theory is that the Maxima and Altima were too alike. Additionally, the Maxima was less cost effective.

While the Maxima typically had a stronger engine than the Altima, both cars are essentially the same size, with the Altima being noticeably cheaper. With many sedan users preferring this car type due to its lower pricing structure, it would have made sense to cut out the more expensive alternative.

What the Future of the Maxima Looks Like

While there’s no future return planned for the Maxima, Nissan has hinted that the model might not be dead in the water. With the company looking toward the future of electric cars, they have hinted at the possibility of making an EV Maxima model.

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