Pro-Tip: Clean Your Tires With Soap and Water

February 20, 2024

Pro-Tip: Clean Your Tires With Soap and Water

People tend to focus on cleaning the paint job and windows when they take the time to clean their cars. While these are important, you should never forget about your tires. This part of your vehicle is likely the dirtiest since tires constantly rest on the road, so it’s crucial not to skip over them. Pro tip: Clean your tires with soap and water. Keep reading to find out why.

Gets Into Gaps and Crevices

The first thing to note about using soap and water on your tires is that you’ll need to use a sponge to properly clean them. Taking the time to use a sponge will ensure you get all the gaps and crevices that standard washing methods tend to miss. Of course, you’ll need to take your time to ensure that the sponge reaches the spaces between each tread. Trust us, you’ll see outstanding results if you’re patient with it.

Removes Tough Dirt and Grime

Soap and water are also great at removing tough dirt and grime. Just make sure you’re using a quality soap on your tires. Weaker ones won’t be able to cut through the buildup. Even with good soap, you still need some elbow grease, depending on how long it’s been since the last time you washed your tires. Don’t be afraid to really get in there with your sponge.

Kills Germs

While this point isn’t as important, it’s worth noting that cleaning your tires with soap and water will kill most, if not all, the germs living on them. Even though tires aren’t something that people touch often, people still come in contact with their vehicle’s tires, so cleaning them regularly will prevent the spread of illnesses. This tip is more important for people who work on their cars often or those who have kids who like to play outside. All parents know that stopping their children from touching everything they see is nearly impossible.

Clears the Surface for Other Cleaning Products

Soap and water aren’t the only substances people use to clean their vehicles. You might want to get into the habit of washing your tires with soap and water if you use a lot of products on your tires. Some products can damage tires if you leave them on for too long. Wiping them down with some soapy water will help remove any unwanted residue.

It might be time for some new tires if it’s too late for soap and water to fix the years of buildup and damage. Here at WheelerShip, we have tons of options to choose from. Check out our Falken semi-slick tires and other available tires on our website. Just make sure you keep up with your cleaning schedule after installing them!

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