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Any Benefits for Larger Rims on the Back Only?

April 10, 2024

Any Benefits for Larger Rims on the Back Only?

People who care about their cars are always looking for new ways to improve their performance or the way they look. Some drivers achieve this by choosing to install larger rims on the back of their vehicle, but are there any notable benefits to this? In this post, we’ll cover the many changes you might notice and go over if this kind of change is worth it in the end.

Improved Traction and Handling

One of the benefits of having larger rims on a car is the fact that you’ll have a little more rubber on the road. The more contact you make with the pavement, the better your vehicle’s traction and handling will be. However, the potential downside is that tires may wear out more quickly, and your car’s speed output may be slightly reduced.

Better Weight Distribution

One of the key benefits of having larger rims on the back of your car is that they’ll help with weight distribution. For most cars, the majority of the weight is in the front end, where the engine sits. By putting larger, heavier wheels on the back, you’ll be able to distribute the overall weight of the car toward the back a bit more than usual. This helps with overall vehicle balance, which will make your tire wear more evenly.

Enhanced Aesthetics

While not a performance benefit, there’s no denying that having larger wheels in the back of your vehicle just looks good. It can give your car more of a drag racer look, which can certainly impress people who take notice of it.

Since most of the other benefits have minor noticeable benefits, the main reason to do this with your vehicle is for the looks. If you don’t like that kind of style, this change won’t be for you. If you do, though, WheelerShip is here to help. Check out our Tesla Model S rims, along with all the other wheels we have in stock. We know you’ll find a larger set that’ll make your car look brand-new.

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