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6 Safety Tips When Changing a Tire on Busy Roads

December 21, 2022

The worst time to change a tire is when you’re traveling on a busy road with high-speed traffic. But don’t let the fear of traffic keep you from changing the tire. Follow these valuable and practical safety tips and get back on your way!

1.      Ensure You Find a Safe Place To Stop

Finding a safe, secure location to pull off a busy road is one of the most vital safety tips when changing a tire. If the pull-off space is relatively small, you may want to travel a short distance to find a larger area that offers more space, away from traffic. Try to avoid traveling for miles at a time or at higher speeds to prevent rim damage—travel just enough to find the right location.

2.      Use Your Hazard Lights

One of the very first things you want to do is turn your hazard lights on. This will help signal to other drivers on the road that you’re traveling at a reduced speed and to be more cautious. It might take you a few minutes to adjust speed, find a secure location to stop and get out, and start assessing and changing the tire. So, the sooner you can flip your hazards on, the better for everyone around you.

3.      Ensure You Use Reflectors

Once you secure a safe location to perform the tire change, ensure you use your triangle reflectors or road flares. Place the reflector device behind your car to trigger a warning to oncoming traffic. If you have multiple flares in your roadside safety kit, stagger them to enhance the warning period for other drivers.

4.      Use the Right Jack Point on Your Car

You want to avoid jacking your car in an improper location on the body. Every vehicle has a specific jack point under the body, but near the tire well. Locate these jack points and ensure you place the jack in this location for optimal lift and a safe tire change.

5.      Make Use of the Parking Brake

Even though your vehicle is in park and likely turned off, you should use the parking brake. This can enhance the stabilization of your vehicle and provide an optimal lift position. The parking brake also secures the car from any possibility of rolling backward should you be on an incline of any degree without realizing it. Even the slightest incline can shift a vehicle’s weight.

6.      Triple-Check the Lug Nut Tightness

After removing the bad tire and changing it with the designated replacement, it’s imperative to double- and triple-check the tightness of the lug nuts. You must apply as much force as possible to ensure the tires are secure on your car and won’t come loose while in motion. Feel free to step on the wrench to apply increased body weight.

Changing a tire on busy roads is untimely, but with these safety tips, you should feel comfortable in the event of an emergency. WheelerShip understands the donut offered will only serve a temporary purpose, so it’s essential to partner with us for replacement wheels and accessories. Shop our Tesla Model S wheels and other certified brands today!

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