Wheel corrosion is unattractive and can negatively impact the function of your vehicle. The older your car is, the greater the chance that the wheels with start to rust. In this article, you’ll learn about wheel corrosion and ways to prevent it.

Common Causes of Wheel Corrosion

Brake Pad Dust

With regular use, brake pads begin to slowly wear down, and the iron dust from that wear falls onto the wheels in the form of a gummy residue. If left unaddressed, the iron in that brake dust causes corrosion of aluminum and steel rims. This corrosion results in pitting of the wheels, damage that will usually necessitate either professional repairs or a wheel replacement.


Another common cause of wheel corrosion is oxidation. Oxidation occurs when the protective coating of a wheel peels off or is otherwise damaged, leaving it exposed to the air and the elements. When air and water come in contact with the wheel, the reaction of the molecules with the metal of the wheel results in oxidation.

Acid-Based Cleansers

Wheels may also be damaged by acid-based cleansers. These types of cleansers are harsh on the wheel and can strip it of its protective coating if left on for too long. Generally, wheels that are damaged in this way develop streaking or discoloration.

How To Prevent Wheel Corrosion

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent wheel corrosion that are not too expensive or difficult. The process involves cleaning and additional protection for the wheels.


The first step to preventing wheel corrosion is to properly clean the wheels. Clean your wheels regularly with soap and water using a gentle brush or cloth. Make sure to remove all brake dust and other residue from the wheels and choose a soap or cleaning product that will not damage the protective coating of your wheels.

Protective Coating

If you think your wheels need additional protection beyond regular cleaning, you can apply a protective spray or wax to their surfaces to protect against further corrosion. After you have applied the coating, continue to clean your wheels regularly.

If corrosion still gets the best of your car’s wheels even after you’ve read about wheel corrosion and ways to prevent it, visit the WheelerShip for replacement. We’ll supply you with brand new Honda Accord sport rims or another type of rim that suits your vehicle.