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Reasons You Should Buy a Honda Accord

April 30, 2021

Convincing Reasons You Should Buy a Honda Accord

Honda is one of the most popular car brands in America. If you look around while you’re driving down the road, it’s not hard to verify! Hondas are popular for a good reason—they give consumers everything they need in a car, with a blend of reliability and affordability mixed with great features. If you’re looking to buy a Honda, consider the Accord. The Honda Accord, Honda’s midsize sedan, was first made in 1976 and is still going strong. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new (or used) car, consider these convincing reasons you should buy a Honda Accord.


Is it worth buying a used Honda Accord? New or used, one of the most compelling reasons to purchase a Honda Accord is its affordability and value. A new Honda Accord starts around $25,000, which is a very reasonable price for a quality, mid-sized sedan. For this price, you can get many of the features typical of a more expensive luxury sedan, including a good infotainment system, leather seats, and standard safety features. If you choose to buy a used model, you can still get many of the Accord’s features and save even more.


Consumers tend to gravitate toward Honda vehicles due to their reputation for reliability. How reliable is the Honda Accord? In this area, the Accord is no exception. It’s not uncommon to see a 15-year-old Accord with over 100,000 miles on its odometer still going strong. New and recent models of the Accord also include a number of safety features such as forward collision warning, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and other similar features that help to prevent accidents and automate driving.

Good Performance

In addition to being affordable and reliable, the Accord has good performance and is fun to drive. It’s easy to maneuver, and its excellent suspension means it drives smoothly over any bumps in the road, making for a comfortable ride. The Accord is also known for having good fuel efficiency and needing very little maintenance during its lifespan. Deciding to buy a Honda Accord means you’ll take fewer trips to the gas pump and mechanic than other sedans.

Good Resale Value

When you’re deciding on a new or used car, consider the resale value. In that regard, the Accord depreciation is better than other car models. Unlike some other makes or models of cars, Hondas—including the Accord—tend to have lower depreciation rates and retain their value relatively well over time. This means that if you buy an Accord new and sell it after 10 years, you’ll be getting back more of the car’s original price than if you had bought another car new and sold it after 10 years. In this way, the Accord is a solid investment.

If you decide to purchase a Honda Accord, you won’t regret it. Have these convincing reasons you should buy a Honda Accord swayed you to do so the next time you’re purchasing a vehicle? Both new and used models are great options. If you decide to purchase a used model and need new rims, WheelerShip has those in stock and can help you out. We can supply you with wheels, including our new 19" x 8.5" replacement rims for Honda Accord or any other rims you need. Contact us today!

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