Preventative Maintenance Every Vehicle Needs

Cars are anything but inexpensive, and you aren’t meant to go through them quickly. Their lifetime entirely depends on how well you take care of them. If you don’t follow the correct maintenance routines, you may end up paying hefty service fees and need a replacement earlier than you would have otherwise. To help you prevent this, we list some simple car maintenance tips.

1. Check Your Fluids

This is one of the most common things you’ll hear people recommend, and it’s for a good reason. Your fluids lubricate your car and prevent the metal from grinding against itself. Make sure to consult your car’s manual, and follow the recommend schedule to have your fluids replaced.

2. Rotate Your Tires

Depending on where you live, your tires may wear faster than normal. You can avoid the need to replace them too quickly by having your tires rotated every six months. Rotating your tires helps them wear at a slower pace.

3. Maintain Your Tire Pressure

An easy task can quickly become a costly affair. If you don’t keep your tires inflated, you increase the risk you’ll get a flat. Depending on the severity, this can also damage your rims. What some people don’t know is that low air pressure also impacts your fuel efficiency. Keep an air gauge in your car, and check your pressure monthly.

4. Replace Your Brake Pads

You should replace your brake pads approximately every 50,000 miles, though this can vary. If you don’t replace them in a timely manner, your rotors can become warped, which means you have an additional part to replace. If your car makes a grinding sound every time you hit the brakes, get your pads checked out as soon as possible.

5. Take it to a Mechanic

Take your car to the mechanic once a year, and have them look over your car. They have a trained eye and can quickly locate anything that needs attention.


Properly maintaining your car will provide you with a vehicle that can last you for years. If you get the right services and parts, even the oldest cars will run beautifully. For example, brand new 2004 Acura TL rims will make an aged car seem new again. All of these tasks won’t take a lot of time, but they will certainly save you some.