Misconceptions About Replica Wheels

May 24, 2021

When you purchase a new car, it comes with a set of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels. But what happens when those wheels wear out and you need replacements? If you love the appearance of your car’s original wheels, a random replacement set won’t do. As a result, many car owners turn to OEM replica wheels to maintain the same looks they had before. However, there are a few misconceptions about replica wheels that make some buyers wary of them. In this article, we’ll explain what replica wheels are, and we’ll address some of those common myths.

What Are Replica Wheels?

OEM replica wheels are replacement wheels that an independent manufacturer made, unlike true OEM wheels, which a car manufacturer creates for its vehicles. While it’s possible to get genuine OEM replacement wheels, many car owners choose replica wheels instead because they’re significantly less expensive and look and perform exactly like genuine OEM wheels.

A Few Common Misconceptions

While buying replica wheels is generally a good deal, many consumers have misgivings about purchasing them for their vehicles, mainly due to a few misconceptions. Below, we’ll address the common misconceptions about replica wheels.

Replica Wheels Are Low Quality

You might think that a replica wheel would be a lower quality version of an OEM wheel, but that isn’t always the case. Assuming you’ve found a reliable replica manufacturer, replica wheels can be just as durable and high quality as OEM wheels. The quality of the replica wheel will depend mainly on the method by which the manufacturer made it.

Replica Wheels Aren’t Safe

Some customers are concerned that replica wheels will be less safe than OEM wheels. Replica wheels are no less safe than OEM wheels, as long as they’re good quality. As with any other product, you’ll want to research specific wheel manufacturers and their products before you purchase them to ensure that they’ll be safe to drive on.

Replica Wheels Are Fakes

When people see the phrase “replica wheel,” they tend to think “fake” or “counterfeit.” Replica wheels are neither of those things. While fraudulent wheels are substandard and sellers often attempt to market them as the real deal, legitimate manufacturers of replica wheels prioritize the quality of their products and use trustworthy techniques to manufacture the wheels.

All in all, replica wheels are worthwhile investments when you choose reliable, trustworthy manufacturers and dealers. Here at WheelerShip, we prioritize quality and safety and strive to provide you with a beautiful and functional set of OEM replica wheels for your vehicle of any make and model.

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