Here’s Why Your Tires Squeal When Turning

July 18, 2023

Here’s Why Your Tires Squeal When Turning

Are you a car owner who’s frustrated with their squealing tires? Trying to resolve this issue can be challenging if you don’t know why it’s occurring in the first place. Understanding the cause behind why your tires are squealing can help you pinpoint the necessary solutions. Here’s why your tires squeal when turning and some tips to correct these issues.

Worn-Out Tires

As tire tread wears down over time, it can cause the tires to lose their grip on the road, leading to unwanted noise. The good news is that getting a new set of tires can easily correct this issue. New tires reduce tire noise and provide better traction and stability on the road, improving your overall driving experience. Don’t let worn-out tires compromise your safety and comfort on the road—invest in a new set today.

Turning Too Fast

In many cases, the reason why your tires squeal during a turn has nothing to do with the tires themselves and more to do with the way you drive. If you take corners too quickly, you could be causing your tires to slide across the pavement, making them squeal in the process. This doesn’t require you to replace your tires, but you should make a note of it and adjust how you drive. If you do this too much, you’ll wear out your tires more quickly, which will cause more general squealing in the future.

Accelerating or Braking Too Quickly

Accelerating and braking too quickly can also cause tires to squeal during a turn. Both of these actions can cause your tires to squeal even when you’re not turning, but the effects are much more noticeable when turning because your tires are more likely to skid. Being more cautious will prevent this from happening.

Now that you know the common causes of a squealing noise when turning your vehicle, you can work to identify and correct these issues. If you want to get a new set of wheels with your new tires, don’t forget to check out WheelerShip’s selection, including our Chrysler 200 19-inch rims. A new set of wheels could make a major difference in the way your vehicle handles turns.

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