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5 Essential Upgrades To Make to Your Used Car

May 10, 2022

You may feel down about using an older second-hand car, whether you’ve owned it for years or it just came into your possession. However, you can take steps to ensure your car’s in good shape and has modern conveniences. Taking these actions also helps retain the car’s value for longer. Here are five essential upgrades to make to your used car.

Bluetooth Receivers

While this seems more like a luxury on the surface, the use of cell phones is one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents. As phones become more commonplace and integrate further with our car’s electronics, the risk for car accidents has exponentially grown. But with the use of a Bluetooth receiver, you can directly link your phone with your car’s stereo system, making it easier and safer to find and play the music you love.

Rear Backup Cameras

While older vehicles are exempt, the federal government mandated that all cars built after May 2, 2018 must include a rear backup camera. These cameras can be outfitted onto your vehicle retroactively if it doesn’t already have one. Rear backup cameras are a major boon that makes going in reverse and parking so much easier by providing a greater range of awareness. You have an easier time seeing directly behind your vehicle with them.

A Fresh Pair of Rims

No essential upgrade to make to your used car is better than a fresh pair of rims. While getting a new set of wheels from the car’s manufacturer may be incredibly expensive, replica OEM wheels like the Chrysler 200 19-inch rims provide the high quality and style you expect at a much more affordable price.

Professional Detailing

To refurbish your used car’s exterior, you can have your vehicle professionally detailed. This provides a clean, shiny gloss over your car’s paint and clears the nooks and crannies in your vehicle to get rid of accumulated debris. Furthermore, different detailing options have extra benefits that help your vehicle endure harsh environments like stormy weather or thick snow.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are another great component to have replaced with a fresh set. Whenever you step on the brakes, especially when you try to halt suddenly, you wear down your brake pads' effectiveness and cause iron dust to form. This iron dust can be hazardous because it can contribute to wheel corrosion if not watched and maintained.

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