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A Guide to Upgrading Wheels & Accessories for Your Ride

August 18, 2022

Even if you don’t know a lot about cars, there are tons of upgrades and ways to customize your car to enhance its performance or its aesthetic appeal—you just need a little bit of help. To broaden your horizons and give you a place to start, here’s a quick guide to upgrading wheels and accessories for your ride.

Make and Model

The first step is to always understand what kind of make and model your car is. This will help narrow down the enormous number of components, parts, and accessories available to you. It will also help ensure you don’t purchase new wheels or components that are incompatible with your vehicle. Making that mistake can cause your performance and the health of your car to suffer—if the part even fits.

For example, if you have a Toyota Corolla from 2015, then you’ll want 2014 to 2016 Toyota Corolla rims. Many models use the same rims as the year before if the model hasn’t changed significantly, but always be sure you know what year your vehicle was made for the most accurate results.

Finding New Rims

A lot of people try to avoid having to replace their rims, and you may be one of them if you’ve gone looking for replacements. Getting new wheels from the original manufacturer is incredibly expensive, but there are much more affordable alternatives. Suppliers like WheelerShip provide high-quality rim replicas that are just as good as the manufacturer’s without costing an arm and a leg. We also replicate the style of the rim to ensure you get the same professional look to complement your car.

Helpful Accessories

To finish this quick guide to upgrading wheels and accessories, a good tool to invest in is a portable digital tire inflator. This will not only make refilling your tires easy but will also help ensure they maintain a healthy level of psi. This is especially great for people unfamiliar with car maintenance and who don’t know what the ideal amount of air is. We also supply accessories like center caps to spruce up your car’s appearance and represent your car’s brand.

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