4 Tips for Keeping Chrome Wheels Shiny in Winter Months

October 20, 2023

4 Tips for Keeping Chrome Wheels Shiny in Winter Months

Anyone who lives in colder climates knows how difficult it can be to keep their car in good condition once it starts snowing. Snowy roads can be quite dirty, leaving residue on your vehicle, especially if you own a set of chrome wheels.

If you’d like some suggestions on how to keep chrome wheels shiny in the winter months, we’re here to help. This brief guide will walk you through a few steps you can take to make sure your chrome wheels survive the winter.

Increase the Number of Times You Clean

Car washes are more common in the summer, particularly because cleaning a vehicle in warmer weather is more enjoyable. However, you need to keep up with your cleaning practices throughout the winter if you want to keep your chrome wheels looking good during this time.

Dirty snow and road-salt residue left on your wheels for long enough will be noticeable and can really damage your finish. Regularly washing your car will help remove these troublesome deposits. And no—more snow or even some rain showers won’t do the job; only a thorough washing will.

Apply a High-Quality Polish

Since washing your car and its wheels constantly throughout the winter is easier said than done, take things a step further by routinely applying some chrome polish to them. A high-quality polish will act as a layer of protection for your wheels against dirt and other harmful deposits. Plus, polish is the best way to boost the natural shine of chrome. Just be sure to reapply it each time you wash your wheels.

Wax Your Wheels for Additional Protection

If you want to avoid washing and polishing your wheels so much during the winter, there’s something else you can do. You can wax your wheels after polishing them to help the newly applied polish last even longer.

Wax is a much stronger protectant, holding polish in place for longer. It’ll also help shield your wheels against dirt and other harmful winter factors like road salt. As a bonus, applying a layer of wax will keep you from needing to wash your wheels as often, which is perfect if you don’t live in a warm place.

Switch to Non-Chrome Wheels in the Winter

Even though using your chrome wheels all year long is the goal, keeping them shiny sometimes necessitates temporarily replacing them for the remainder of the season. While our tips for keeping your chrome wheels shiny during the winter are effective, there’s no denying the process can be a hassle. That’s why using a set of non-chrome wheels might be best until spring returns.

If you don’t already own an extra set of wheels, we’d recommend our Cadillac Escalade 22-inch rims. They’re a solid set that won’t have an issue driving on snow-covered roads while maintaining their alluring look. We also have plenty of other wheels on our site for you to choose from, so feel free to browse to find a set that works best for you.

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