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3 Ways To Protect Chrome Wheels From Winter Road Salt

January 10, 2023

After investing in beautiful, but delicate, chrome wheels for your beloved vehicle, one vital step must take place: adequate protective measures. Protecting your chrome wheels from the consequences of winter road salt is easy, and we discuss in the three simple steps below. Let’s take a closer look!

Improve Your Car Washing Habits

Washing a car in the winter can be challenging for many vehicle owners because it feels contradictory when you know the snow is coming or the rain is falling. The primary objective of routine winter car washing habits is to support your vehicle’s exterior components and ward off pesky buildup, debris, and grime. The wintery compounds your car inherits through the season can damage your vehicle’s cosmetic integrity, ultimately increasing corrosion and eating the metal.

Your chrome wheels, especially, are subject to increased abuse of the conditions, and road salt can eat through the materials without flinching. If you don’t have time to run through a full car wash, consider hosing or wiping down your chrome components routinely. That will help keep salt’s consequences at bay and your wheels in pristine condition. When warmer weather rolls back around, you’ll be glad you maintained your wheels and materials.

Invest in a Quality Chrome Polish

After washing your vehicle and chrome components, one of the best ways to ward off road salt damage is to invest in a quality chrome-specific polish. This polish will serve as a protectant and help the materials repel the elements.

As long as you’re in the habit of cleaning or rinsing your wheels, you can add the polish into the care routine to make the upkeep simpler. Your wheels will shine on the road with an added layer of protection from possible dirt buildup and salt eating.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Thoroughly dry your wheels after cleansing and before polishing
  • Ensure the polish is compatible with your wheels
  • Follow the polish’s instructions for the best results
  • Only use specialty cloths when applying the polish to avoid lint or debris

Prioritize Diligent Waxing

The final step to protecting and maintaining your chrome wheels is prioritizing diligent waxing. The polish will shine the chrome like new in between washing and waxing, but the waxing process can seal off the delicate chrome materials from deterioration over time.

The polish directly supports the chrome, and the wax supports the polish and seals the chrome. All steps in the process play a significant role in protection from road salt. Applying a compatible wax can make routine cleaning habits more efficient, often with quick rinsing.

With these three effective and simple ways to protect your chrome wheels from the damage of winter road salt, hopefully, you will feel more relaxed about taking care of your investments. If you forgot to do all these things and now need replacement wheels to make your ride look fresh, shop with WheelerShip today. We offer a comprehensive inventory of chrome wheels for Escalade's to help you begin anew as the new year rolls around.


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