3 Reasons To Shop Small This Holiday Season

Ever since the pandemic, the idea of shopping online for everyday goods has become a lot more common. Many people defaulted to shopping at Amazon and other big-name retailers. However, just because online shopping with those companies is easy doesn’t mean they are your only option, even online.

Shopping with smaller retailers like WheelerShip is always a good idea! That’s why we encourage you to shop small this year. Here’s why shopping with local, family-owned, or small businesses is important.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was launched in 2010 and has gained traction in recent years. Near the end of the Great Recession, American Express coined the term to support small businesses in the wake of widespread financial struggles.

Placed between the two biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is a day for people to refocus their holiday shopping on the little guy. It’s easy to let the big sales from name-brands distract you, but the deals from smaller companies can be just as good, if not better. But shopping small is a great idea every day!

Small Businesses Are Online

It may seem like only big-box retailers or marketplaces make for easy online shopping, but don’t write off smaller retailers—we’re online, too! In fact, in many cases, it can be easier to find what you’re looking for when shopping with a small or specialty retailer online. This is because you’re not fighting through tens of thousands of products to find the exact thing you’re looking for.

Not to mention that small businesses can often deliver superior customer service experiences to their online shoppers. This is because they have dedicated customer service representatives with product knowledge who can guide you to the perfect purchase or boost your confidence in choosing a new product. Here at WheelerShip, we have product experts ready to answer your call or email!

Small Businesses Need Our Support

The final reason to shop small this season is because small businesses can always use your help. Even though we’ve made it past the pandemic, the lingering effects of this global event are still hurting many small and family-owned businesses. Most big retailers have recovered by this point, but many small ones are still regaining their footing. With a strong holiday season for small businesses this year, many companies may be able to strengthen their foundations.

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