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    Questions to Ask a Used Car Salesman Before Buying

    August 13, 2019

    Questions to Ask a Used Car Salesman Before Buying

    The car market is still rapidly expanding. Recent data suggests that global car sales will reach nearly 79 million units sold by the end of 2019. This number is astronomical, and more people are buying every day. Of course, some of these automobiles aren’t brand-new, but are instead passed from one owner to the next. Buying used cars is extremely economical, and there are ways you can make it even more so.

    When you’re at a dealership, you’re hopefully working with a salesperson who has placed your needs as their priority. They should be eager to provide information that’s both helpful and accurate. As a buyer, you should come prepared with a set of questions that will arm you with the most information possible. If the salesperson is comfortable with giving honest answers regarding your prospective vehicle, you can feel comfortable driving it off the lot. Listed below are a few questions you should ask before buying a used vehicle.

    Do you have proof of a mechanic’s inspection? Before a used car is sold, a mechanic should have looked over it to make sure everything is in the proper working order. When they do so, the dealership should acquire written proof of this inspection.

    What services have been performed? You’ll also want to know if the mechanic has done anything to optimize the vehicle. Did they replace the timing belt and the air filter? What about the wheels? Regardless of the make and model of the car, wheels are something that always need attention. Be it Nissan Sentra rims or Jeep Wrangler tires, wheels are one of the most important things you can ask a salesman about, as replacing or repairing them is often costly.

    Can I take a long test drive? You aren’t always going to be able to fully evaluate a car in just ten or fifteen minutes. See if the dealership will allow you to take the car on a 30- to 40-minute test drive. This will allow you to take the time to see how the vehicle really handles.

    Can I trade in my car? Having to sell your current car, if you have one, is an extra step that takes more time and produces more paperwork. See if the dealership you’re looking to buy from will take the car you have now and reduce the asking price of your prospective vehicle.

    Does the car come with a spare tire and a jack? Many new cars only come with a tire inflation kit. In the case of a used car, even if it had a spare tire at one point, a previous owner may have removed the spare from the vehicle. Make sure that a tire and jack are included before making the final purchase.

    How did you price the car? Ask the salesperson if they came up with the asking price via general guidelines, or if any other factors went into the pricing process. Knowing why they chose that price will help you decide whether or not the vehicle is worth the cost.

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