Having a durable, reliable set of wheels is an essential part of car ownership. Your wheels and rims must be strong enough to withstand the stress of everyday driving—and it’s an added bonus if they look cool in addition to performing well! There are many different types of wheel rims from which to choose. Read on to learn about some of the most popular options.


Steel wheel rims are the least expensive option. Until about ten years ago, steel wheels were the standard type used on most cars, but in recent years, other materials have become increasingly popular. This is in part because steel is a very heavy material, and it’s not the most attractive option. (Thank goodness for hubcaps!) Steel wheels are, however, still prized for their durability and hardiness in bad weather conditions like snow.


Many newer wheel rims are made from alloy metals, usually a combination of aluminum and magnesium. These types of wheels are much lighter than steel wheels, which helps improve the performance and fuel economy of the car on which they’re installed. Alloy wheels are also more attractive than steel wheels, making them the better choice for those who value the performance and appearance of their vehicles above all else.


Chrome is not a material from which wheel rims are made, per se, but rather is a material used to coat the wheel. Chrome finishes generally don’t affect the performance or durability of the wheel and are applied mainly for aesthetic purposes. A chrome finish will make your wheels very shiny and enhance your car’s appearance, but on the flip side, chrome tends to scratch and corrode easily, meaning chrome wheels will need a lot of maintenance.

The different types of wheel rims are each ideal for a car’s specific needs. If you have a truck that you frequently drive on rough terrain or in bad weather, steel wheels might be a good choice for you. If you prefer wheels that are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, alloy is probably the better option. Chrome is perfect for a sports car or seasonal use. If you’re searching for aluminum alloy wheels or chrome rims, visit us at WheelerShip. We can supply you with Lexus IS250 wheels or wheels for another car model of your choice.