The Advantages of Using Steel Rims

Most new cars come with alloy wheels. However, there are reasons to consider steel wheels as an option, if available. There are several advantages to using steel rims for your vehicle.

Cost, Strength, and Durability

Steel wheels are cheaper than alloy wheels, although alloys have a sleeker, more high-end appearance, so steel usually offers a better value. Steel is stronger than alloy. It is nearly impossible to bend or crack a steel rim. Steel rims maintained with a good coat of the proper type of paint should last a long time. Because of their strength, a few dings and scratches on steel wheels are not going to matter much. Steel wheels are unlikely to need frequent repair even if you’re the kind of driver who misjudges a curb a few times too often. In the unlikely event you need to replace steel wheels, the replacements will be cheaper than alloys.

Winter Traction and Better Endurance in Cold Weather

Weight is one of the main advantages of steel wheels. Their weight provides extra traction on snow and ice. While no one would argue steel rims are for race cars, heavy-duty working vehicles or cars subjected to the extremes of winter weather benefit from steel wheels. Some car owners keep an extra set of steel wheels to switch to for winter. Steel wheels contract less than aluminum in cold weather, and thus they help maintain proper tire pressure.

Not all cars will accept steel wheels, because 16” is the maximum size for a steel wheel to maintain a reasonable weight. However, if you drive on rough roads or in winter conditions regularly, steel may be your best solution for durability and strength.

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