Priding ourselves in structural integrity vs cosmetic

    February 23, 2016

    One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is “does your remanufactured wheels LOOK brand new?” It is a definitely priority to have all of our wheels look visually appealing to our customers, but in our opinion the more important question is “are your remanufactured wheels as structurally sound as a brand new wheel?” 

    Although in this industry there is no government regulation on who can remanufacture a wheel, it is our obligation, as a company, to make sure the wheels our customers receive are safe.  In order to achieve this we make sure our wheels are remanufactured by a company that is SAE certified.  SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers; they create the criteria and safety standards that all brand new wheels meet.  Our remanufacturer goes above and beyond to make sure their wheels meet the same criteria, and are tested to confirm that is the case.

    Often, we find our customers are concerned with whether a wheel was cracked before it was reconditioned; the simple answer is yes, it is possible.  What we want our customers to understand though, is that just because it has been cracked, does not mean that it cannot be safely welded and put back on the road.  Some cracks are on a critical part of the wheel, or are just too large and therefore should not be welded, others are perfectly safe to restore if done correctly.  If the welding is done professionally, after it is complete, the spot where the welding was done will actually be the strongest part of the wheel, so the crack shouldn’t reopen.

    So at the end of the day, although we want our wheels to look great when they are on your car, and we are confident that they will, our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and feel confident that you’re safe. Lastly, we want to feel confident you won’t need to buy another wheel again soon due to improper reconditioning.

    Posted By WheelerShip