How Various Road Conditions Can Affect Your Wheels

    July 2, 2019

    how various road conditions can affect your wheels

    No matter how reliable your car is, you can’t always protect it against things outside your control. Doing what you can to keep your car running well is helpful, but the outside world has a mind of its own—and your wheels are likely to take the brunt of any damage caused by the elements. The United States sees approximately 220 million flat tires a year—a staggering amount, to say the least. Even the 2015 Honda Accord’s wheels, which are known for their reliability, aren’t immune to a stray nail or patch of black ice.

    Some of the most prominent dangers, as we all know, are potholes. You should avoid them whenever you can, but sometimes you don’t see them right away, and swerving to avoid them can be unsafe. Depending on the angle and speed at which you hit the pothole, your tire may incur substantial damage. A particularly harsh impact can also damage your rims. Outfitting your car with all-terrain tires and rims made of a sturdy material will stand up to the road best.

    Tire care is especially important in winter conditions. If you live in a region that gets large amounts of snow or ice in the winter, you’ll want to consider making the switch to winter tires. Excessive amounts of ice can put your car in danger of slipping and cause considerable wear on your tires. Road salt can also corrode your rims. It should be noted that winter tires do have to be changed out during the summer. Winter tires have more flexible treads to better adapt to the snow, but hot pavement will quickly wear down these costly tires.

    Gravel and mud can also be detrimental to your wheels. If you regularly drive on gravel, rocks can shoot out from beneath your wheels or get stuck inside your treads. You also want to regularly inspect your brake pads to see if they have retained any pebbles. As for mud—getting your car stuck in it will put stress on your wheels due to the spinning.

    Between bumpy roads and harsh weather, your vehicle will eventually fall victim to wear and tear. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to consider your surroundings and adjust accordingly. Extending the duration of your vehicle’s life will save you money on car repairs and, ultimately, on the cost of a new vehicle. Tires are sturdy, but you can’t discount what they’re sure to endure. Keep a close eye on their condition, evaluating things such as tread wear and the wheel bearings. Taking proper care of your wheels will contribute to the condition of your car as a whole.

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