The only thing hotter than this August heatwave is the used car market! Whether you've bought a used car to save money, or your car is looking old and worn, there are ways to refresh its appearance and make it look as good as new. Here at WheelerShip, we know how to spruce up a vehicle and understand the need for affordability. Here are a few tips on how to make your used car look new.

Deep Cleaning the Interior

The first and easiest step to make your used car look new is to clean out its interior. Removing all the junk or unnecessary knick-knacks from your car is kind of like a thorough factory reset on the car, returning to the default state it was in when you first picked it up. Much of the carpeting and interior may be dirty or stained from shoes tracking in muck and grime. Wipe down the interior, shampoo it with an appropriate cleaner to get the stains out, and then vacuum any loose debris that may remain.

Replace Wheels & Parts

The wheels of a car endure the most wear and tear. As you drive, your car and your brake pads begin to wear down, iron dust flakes off the pads and onto the wheels, which can cause corrosion. You may even want to change your rims for a more current look. For example, if you own a Honda Accord, you can get a pair of replica 2014 Honda Accord Wheels for a modern look without breaking the bank, giving you all the wheels’ durability and perks. If it's Honda Accord replacement headlights you're looking for, we've also got you covered! Replacing old parts on a budget can help spruce up your used car in no time. 

Preventative Measures

Once you’ve cleaned your car up or added on some fresh new parts, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is utterly protected. This is, thankfully, a fairly easy process. While more advanced detailing requires professional work, a good practice to get into is adding polish and wax to your car after you’ve cleaned the exterior. The wax not only makes the exterior look glossy and new, but it adds a protective layer that prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from dulling the paint. It also better prevents scratches from debris on the road.