Whenever your car needs a new set of wheels, the first place you’d think to look is the original car manufacturer. The problem with such a method, however, is that new components bought directly from the manufacturer are typically priced far too high due to significant mark-ups. Luckily, with the rise of online shopping, affordable replica wheels are more easily available. When shopping for wheels online, it is important to be able to determine whether the replica wheels you are considering are as safe and high-quality as the OE factory wheels.

Quality and Durability

Because dealerships charge high prices for components that are perceived as exclusive, the manufacturers naturally want to discourage their customers from turning to OEM replica wheels by implying that they aren't suitable replacements. The truth is that WheelerShip's replica wheels are just as high-quality and durable as the factory originals, made with the exact same materials to the exact OE specifications - and often by the same manufacturers that produce wheels for the car manufacturers. Our replica wheels are as safe as OEM wheels and hold the same structural and safety certifications.

Resale Value

Another way manufacturers will try to discourage replica wheels is by claiming they decrease the resale value of the vehicle. But in reality, replica wheels have very little effect on resale value. Many of the used cars you see in lots have replica or remanufactured wheels, and you may not even realize. A fresh set of wheels will always be preferred for curb appeal, though, so dealers are just fine taking a car with replica wheels if it means it’ll look better from a distance.

Furthermore, cars constantly diminish in resale value for as long as you own them. Taking care of your vehicle and replacing parts as necessary will help reduce how quickly your car’s resale value diminishes.

Replicas vs. Counterfeits

Apart from the discouragement of manufacturers, replica wheels sometimes get a bad rap if they’re accidentally confused with fake or counterfeit wheels. Whereas replica wheels aim to offer you a quality replacement, counterfit wheels attempt to simply recreate the design of OEM wheels without actually using the materials and practices that give them their durability. One way to identify a legitmate source of replica wheels is whether they supply top-notch customer service with deep product knowledge - just one of the things that WheelerShip is known for!