4 Ways a Student Can Care for Their Toyota

    July 9, 2019

    4 Ways a Student Can Care for Their Toyota

    Toyotas are known for being reliable, long-lasting cars. Though they’re great options for drivers of any age, younger people oftentimes find Toyota to be an ideal first car. These days, it's common for a student to take their car to college; during the 2016–2017 school year, approximately 46.8% of students did exactly that. As such, even with a busy school schedule, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you take care of your Toyota. Read our simple tips on how you can properly achieve this task.

    1. Keep a Tire Gauge

    Having a tire gauge on hand alongside the rest of your emergency items is incredibly useful, and the investment is only a few dollars. You should be checking your tire pressure fairly regularly, especially in cold weather. You can use a tire gauge anywhere, so it’s easy to stay on track when it comes to keeping your tires inflated.

    2. Change Your Wiper Blades

    We recommend replacing your wiper blades every six months, or earlier if needed. If your blades squeak or smear your windshield, it’s a sure sign that you’re due for a replacement—driver visibility, of course, is vital. You can get new wipers at most big box stores at an affordable price. Plus, they’re easy to replace. Most stores have a book you can reference to see which blade you need.

    3. Keep Your Car Clean

    Clean your car regularly in order to protect the finish. You usually want to work from the bottom up when cleaning your car. A proper cleaning routine is going to protect your car and keep it looking brand new. We also encourage you to wax your car’s body and rims once it’s completely clean. Freshly polished Toyota Corolla rims are going to make your car stand out on any parking lot.

    4. Get Regular Service

    Take your car to the mechanic every 5,000 miles or so and have them look the car over. You’ll want them to change your oil, top off fluids, and rotate the tires. Same as you get checkups at the doctor, it’s also good to get the confirmation that your car is still in perfect working order.

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