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    3 of the Major Components to Your Wheels

    July 16, 2019

    3 of the Major Components to Your Wheels

    Anyone who drives a car knows how impactful the wheels are. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone knows the details behind wheels. Even changing tires is foreign to a large percent of the U.S. population—nearly 20% of us don’t know how to perform the task. A good thing for any driver to be aware of is the various parts of the wheel, as this knowledge can benefit us in certain situations. We briefly go over the three major components to your wheels to help you gain a better understanding of how it works.

    The Hub

    Your wheel hub is a critical component to your car’s makeup, as it has a large role in ensuring the safety of your vehicle. The hub is what allows your wheels to turn and it controls your anti-lock braking system (ABS). They come equipped with a sensor that continuously alerts the ABS system of your wheel speed. You want to be sure to invest in a hub made with high-caliber materials as low-quality steel may cause your wheel to detach from your car.

    The Rim

    Many people erroneously assume that rims and wheels are the same things, but it’s important to not make this mistake. Located outside of the hub, the rim serves as a support system for your tire. If damaged, you can easily replace the rim without disturbing the hub. Though the primary function of your rim is to hold the tire in place, it’s still important to select the right design for your vehicle. For example, Honda Civic wheels pair nicely with a lightweight aluminum rim than compared to a steel one.

    The Tire

    Tires that correspond to your car’s specific make are extremely important and play a huge role in your safety. Tires must be able to withstand the weight of your car and safely handle a variety of road conditions. The size and tread of your tire are what determine how your car will react to elements such as ice and gravel.

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