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Identity theft is a Federal offense, and far too many Americans have had to experience having their identity stolen in some way or another.  It affects roughly 3% of the US population each year.  We at The WheelerShip, take this very seriously.  We have created a screening process with 15 data points that are cross referenced and checked to alert us in the case of perceived identity theft.  In the case of what we perceive as identity theft, The WheelerShip will cancel the order, and may contact the local police department of the shipping address, contact the customer at the billing address and have it reported to the Federal Trade Commission.  Identity theft is punishable by up to 15 years of imprisonment.  If for any reason you suspect identity theft regarding an order from The WheelerShip, contact us at once at 877-788-8283.  You should also contact the Federal Trade Commission, your local police department and the credit card issuer to have them place an alert on your credit report immediately.