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Dual USB Fast Charger Technology QC 3.0 for iPhone, Android, iPod, Nexus, Samsung, LG

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This compact and portable dual USB car charger offers QC 3.0 and 2.4A fast charge (with an IC smart chip) that rapidly and intelligently charge USB charged devices up to 80% faster than normal car chargers. This dual USB car charger is compatible with: the iPhone, iPad, Tablet, MP3 player, Android Phone and many other USB powered devices. You are sure to accomplish a 50% charge in just 60 min. and a 100% charge in 100 min. Never worry about slow 1.0A output car chargers ever again!

Using this dual USB car charger, you can expect the following quality features:

Port 1) - QC 3.0 port (18w output)· Port 2) - 2.4A fast charge (12w output)

IC (Intellectual Charge) Smart Chip· PC & ABS fireproof casing

Sleek and Slim Style· Blue LED indicator

5v car charger has 10 multi-protection safety system:

  1. Input over-voltage protection
  2. Output over-voltage protection
  3. Voltage compensation protection 
  4. Input over-current protection
  5. Output over-current protect
  6. Over-power protection
  7.  Intelligent current adaptation
  8. Short circuit protection 
  9. High temp protection
  10. ESD protection

Such elements of the "10 multi-protection safety system" for this 5v car charger will responsibly contribute to saving your device's battery life and prevent car charger related fires. Your QC 3.0 (18w) port provides 100% charge in 100 minutes and your additional port, the 2.4A (12w) fast charge, is your source for a 100% charge in 150 minutes. The advantage of your 2.4A port is its IC intelligent chip. This smart chip, provides a smart charge that determines the fastest possible process to successfully charge your USB charged device to its capacity without it becoming harmed. It’s 60x28x28mm size and 22g weight offers easy handling and limited space consumption. Unlike many other car chargers, it offers an attractive blue LED light that clearly and brilliantly notifies user when charger is on. Works with Cars, SUVs and pickups. If you are looking for a quality, durable, safe and fast recovery dual car USB charger, with smart charge capability, at a reasonable price, then this is definitely your choice. With one of the fastest and safest charging time to battery percentage ratios on the market to date, safely supplying 30w of power, and providing a 100% battery charge from 0% in 100 min, you have surely struck gold with this quick charge car charger. In addition, it just looks awesome! Purchase your quick charge car charger today! It’s time to take the shorter path to a fully-charged recovery for your USB-charged device.


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