Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with LED LCD screen Easy to Use and Compact

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Keeping your tires inflated at the proper pressure provides multiple benefits. It keeps you tires lasting longer, it’s better for fuel economy and it ensure your tires are gripping the road properly. A tire pressure gauge is essential for every car owners for these reasons. We recommend checking your air pressure with a digital tire air gauge at least once a month, but it should be checked more often if you have recently run over an object, hit a curb or there are sudden changes to outside temperature.


  • If the electronic tire pressure gauge is idle for 30 secs, it will turn itself off.
  • Holding the on/off button for 3 seconds will turn the digital tire air gauge off.
  • The valve stem area also includes a blue led lite for easy to use at night time.
  • This digital tire air gauge has one user friendly button which turns the device on and off. 
  • The button also switches through 3 pressure reading settings which are PSI, kPA and Bar.
  • This electronic tire pressure gauge includes a digital read out that is back light for night time readings.


  • Easily stores in glove boxes.
  • Easily to operate with one hand.
  • The non-slip texture makes it easy to keep the tire pressure gauge grasped without much strength.
  • The digital tire pressure gauge has an ergonomic design allowing it to fit any hand and allows for comfortable usage.
  • The digital tire air gauge is designed for convenience with its small form factor allowing it to be store in small compartments.


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