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About us

The WheelerShip is an online source for aftermarket and OEM factory-replica wheels (rims). With our priority being customer satisfaction, we not only offer quality auto wheels for sale at affordable prices, but we also provide knowledge to our customers enabling each to make an educated purchasing decision, whether it be with us or even a competitor.

The WheelerShip core values

Timeliness – We know that many of our customers are off the road, borrowing cars, renting cars, carpooling, etc… so we aim to do everything fast. From receiving wheels to answering emails and processing orders, we try to be as fast as we can, so we can have our factory-replica wheels ship at the earliest possible moment, and help our customers get back in their own driver’s seat.

Reliability – The only way to ensure timeliness is to make sure we get it right the first time!  So we are constantly improving our system, creating checkpoints to make sure that the order is processed correctly and the wheel arrives as expected, when expected.

Quality – Structural and cosmetic quality is incredibly important to us. The factory-replica wheels for sale here undergo numerous tests and inspections from varying companies and organizations, ensuring we have only the highest-quality auto wheels for sale on our site.

Price – Unexpected expenses can be burdensome and replacing a damaged wheel is often an unexpected expense, so minimizing cost is one of our top priorities. We try to have auto wheels for sale at the lowest prices possible.

Expertise – We understand that buying a wheel is often a one-time transaction for many customers, so experience and knowledge on the product may be limited.  That is why we strive to be the most knowledgeable in our industry to help customers make more informed purchases.

Communication – All of that knowledge stacked into our databases and our staff remains unimportant, unless we can find some way to communicate this information to our customers.  We try to be incredibly easy to reach while also looking for many other ways to communicate.  We are always striving to find new ways to inform our customers and simplify the purchasing process and always appreciate your feedback and inquiries.

Honesty – At The WheelerShip, we believe that we are all on the same side.  Like you everyone at The WheelerShip is a consumer too, if our product doesn’t seem to meet your needs, we don’t want you to spend needlessly on it, and that is why we accept returns for any reason as long as the wheel(s) is in the same condition as it was received.